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being special, advocate of choice,Hazel Adams-Shango
Since our inception, Advocate of Choice/ has been totally 
focused on building a customized, affordable and quality education advisory service for NYC public and charter school parents.

Former New York City Department of Education Regional Parent Engagement Officer; Borough Enrollment Officer; and Education Analyst

(2005 - 2014) who also served on CEC District 11 (2003-2005) and as a Bronx HS CSE Parent Member (2000).

My story is much like your own........


As the parent of three children identified  with diverse learning needs and gifts, I know what it's like to be informed that your child has a condition, developmental delay. or gift that may challenge their progress in school, daily living, or in young adult life.


Over the last 25 years, I've dedicated my life's work and higher education to pursuing and obtaining opportunities for my children, in Washington, DC; Chicago, IL, and New York City,  which resulted in all three of my children - along with so many other children whose parents have sought out my services - being able to attend and succeed in college; participate actively in their young adult lives, and pursue their individual life goals. was created as the culmination of these experiences and serves as the guiding philosophy behind our work - educating NYC public school parents on how to become more effective advocates on behalf of their children and to positively impact their children's lives through building their own Education, Self-Advocacy, and Organization Skills through study, application, and experience.  


Becoming an effective parent and advocate for your child is a lifestyle choice!!!

Hazel Adams-Shango
Founder & CEO
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